How to get to Eleven Pearl Boutique Hotel & Spa

Here is some information and advice from customers’ experiences to help you plan your visit. In any case, Eleven Pearl Boutique Hotel & Spa is not responsible since some of the information changes periodically… So please, double-check the information with the relevant websites before your departure  🙂


Eleven Pearl Boutique Hôtel & Spa is located in Diani 2 hours from Mombasa Airport or 10 minutes only from Ukunda Airport.

If you arrive at  Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA), the best way to come is to take a flight to Ukunda Airport.

For example, Jambojet, belonging to Kenya Airlines, offers flights to Ukunda, twice a day. Here are instructions are given by Jambojet. If you have any problems with their website to reserve :

Go on  If you have an error with visa payment, please reach out to us ( as soon as the card is rejected: we’ll send you a payment link”

If no flight to Ukunda is suitable for you, you should take a flight to Mombasa. 

The domestic airport is in front of the international airport, you just have to cross the parking

If you need to take some cash immediately, after exiting the international airport, turn right, you will see an ATM retrieve cash with your credit card. 

If you have to wait for your plane, you can go a little further, turn right and you will have a bar-restaurant Paul Caffe, with a small terrace.

You can also find flights to Ukunda from Wilson Airport, 16km from JKIA, but you will have to take a taxi, and because of possible traffic jams, we don’t suggest it (we did it once, and hopefully there were no traffic jams…)  

Another way, a little longer, is to reach Nairobi Train Station by taxi and take a train to Mombasa. The coaches are comfortable, with air conditioning and you will cross beautiful landscapes, in particular Tsavo East National Park.

You can reserve on
Do it earlier because trains are often complete.



To come to Kenya, you will need an eVisa. It’s quite simple. Under a certain age, it’s not needed. 

At present, up to 15 years old, it’s not necessary but check before doing your eVisa.

You will need these files in jpg format:

Passport – Front Page

Passport – Bio Data Page

Confirmation of Reservation from the hotel

Photo ID


to apply for your e-Visa, payment has to be paid online.

You can start and leave at any moment, data will be saved from page to page.

Your e-Visa has to be printed.


All information depending of your country of departure is mentioned on this page :

In the middle of the page, select your Departure country and airport, Destination country and airport, and get the Restrictions.

Don’t forget to bring sunscreen, mosquito repellent and to drink during the day…

Yellow Fever

Officially, Yellow Fever vaccination is required.


Formalities are always changing, so check before coming.

At present, you should fill the International Travelers Health Surveillance Form at:

You must have your Flight Number and your seat Number. At last, print the QR Code.

To go back to your country, if you have to do a Covid Test, it can be done either at the Hospital (see below), or you can ask the reception of the hotel to call a doctor in.


Locally, if you have a health problem, or to get a Covid-19 PCR test, Diani Beach Hospital is a modern hospital, only 10 minutes from Eleven Pearl Hotel.


The local currency is the Kenyan Shilling (KES).

If you have to pay an account by transfer for the reservation, we advise you to do it through an online bank like Revolut which don’t invoice any fees (except the weekend :-))

The hotel accepts Visa Card or Master Card but there are sometimes problems with the Master Card response…

Locally, you can change dollars or euros.

And don’t forget to check the credit limit of your card.

Have a good stay!